They say pets and their owners sometimes look the same – but does your pet breed also reflect your personality?

Lead the Dogs explores what your pet choice says about you.

  1. CHIHUAHUA – Own a chihuahua? Like the smallest breed of dogs themselves you are brimming with personality – you’re confident, lively and love to cuddle. At times you can be a little spoilt (but you’re worth it, right?)
  2. BULLDOG – got yourself a buddy in the form of a bulldog? Like the breed despite your gloomy looking face you are amicable, pacific and dignified.
  3. LABRADOR RETRIEVER – like your bouncy Labrador retriever, you’re playful and obsessed with fitness and exercise. You have bundles of energy and don’t sit still for long.
  4. PUGS – like your sweet natured pug you have a comical, charming personality (if not a little childlike at times). You hate the rain and can tend to be a little gassy.
  5. STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER – like your staffie you’re misunderstood. You’re rugged, energetic, and impulsive; and love companionship. A born leader you aren’t afraid to fight for what you believe in if necessary.

Lead the Dogs is a mobile London-based dog training service, backed by Jessica Baker, Dog Behaviourist. Jessica has plenty of experience in training rogue dogs, tackling behaviour issues like aggression, poor temperament, and anxiety, as well as assisting owners to regain their pets trust.

Jessica uses only the safest and most effective training methods to rectify any issues, offering her expert advice each and every step of the way.

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