Dogs are known for being man’s (or woman’s) best friend – a companion, family member and treasured love one. But when do you know that your trusted companion is really the boss of you? London-based dog training company, Lead the Dogs, is giving us 5 signs that your dog is really the boss in your relationship.

HOGS THE COVERS – a play for the covers in bed is an age-old power struggle. Wake up cold whilst Fido is all snuggled up? You might have to re-evaluate your relationship with him.

EMPTY PLATE – at meal times do you find yourself unable to resist those puppy-dog eyes and end up giving most of the ‘good stuff’ to your furry friend? Maybe your rumbling tummy is telling you that you’re being played?

PERSONAL SPACE – does your dog enjoying sitting on you whenever he can? Maybe he sees you more as his portable dog bed than his loving master?

CONSTANT SHOWER – does your dog enjoy spending hours licking your face (no matter how much your wince?) They’re likely putting their hunger for any possible leftover food tastes over your personal comfort!

SHOPPING SPREE – if your dog has more outfits than you, chances are – you’re playing second fiddle.

Lead the Dogs is a mobile London-based dog training service, backed by Jessica Baker, Dog Behaviourist. Jessica has plenty of experience in training rogue dogs, tackling behaviour issues like aggression, poor temperament, and anxiety, as well as assisting owners to regain their pets trust.

Jessica uses only the safest and most effective training methods to rectify any issues, offering her expert advice each and every step of the way.

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