What’s better than knowing you make someone happy? For dogs, it seems this is their sole purpose. After all, they’re commonly regarded as ‘Man’s Best Friend.’

But sometimes, it can be hard to tell if our pets are actually happy, especially if you only see them during certain parts of the day. You, as their owner and friend, should have their happiness as your number one priority. Lead the Dogs has come up with 5 tell-tale clues that your dog is happy:

  1. STRONG APPETITE – Dogs are typically quite greedy animals unless they have a problem, whether physical or psychological. If they are sick or depressed, it’s normal for them to lose their appetite. However, a cheerful dog will ask you for food and gobble up absolutely everything you put in their bowl.
  2. RELAXED LOOK – content dogs have relaxed eyes and eyelids. They blink often, and their gaze is soft. Also, their ears are relaxed and tend not to be cocked or pointing. Narrowed eyes and a hard gaze could mean aggression, while wide eyes could mean the dog is frightened.
  3. WILLING TO PLAY – happy dogs are always up for playtime, whether it be a game, walk, or ride in the car. Since exercise and play are so natural for dogs, if your canine companion doesn’t seem interested, they may be dealing with some pain or an illness. While all dogs slow down with age, if your dog seems abnormally quiet, this may be a sign they’re not feeling well.
  4. LEANING IN – a happy dog will often lean into your hand when you pet them and keep contact with your body whenever they can. If a dog reacts to petting by staying close and even leaning in to your hand, it’s a good sign that they’re enjoying the contact.
  5. NO DESTRUCTION – chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs, as they use their mouths to explore their environments. But excessive chewing, particularly in an adult dog, could also be a sign of stress or boredom. Happy dogs are unlikely to destroy your home or act naughty because they have enough physical and mental stimulation. Separation anxiety is another common cause of extremely destructive behaviour in dogs.

Lead the Dogs is a mobile London-based dog training service, backed by Jessica Baker, Dog Behaviourist. Jessica has plenty of experience in training rogue dogs, tackling behaviour issues like aggression, poor temperament, and anxiety, as well as assisting owners to regain their pets trust.

Jessica uses only the safest and most effective training methods to rectify any issues, offering her expert advice each and every step of the way.


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