We’re a nation of pet-lovers, with half of our dogs sleeping in bed with us, shunning their pet bed in favour of ours. Dog training service, Lead the Dogs, gives us 5 reasons why your pet needs their own bed.

  1. THEY DRIBBLE – when your dog is happy, it’s inevitable that they show their love, comfort and affection by dribbling. Dogs tend to do it when they’re relaxed or asleep. If your pet is in your bed, guess where their drool is going to end up? On your duvet, pillows and possibly on your face – if you like a cuddle!
  2. ALLERGIES – it may sound surprising, but there are pet owners with allergies who suffer through their symptoms every day, just to experience the joy of owning a pet. Sleeping in bed with your dog will only exacerbate symptoms and make it difficult for you to enjoy time with them during waking hours.
  3. THEY DISTURB YOU – pets are renowned for disturbing their owners in the night. Dogs scratch if they want to go out, or just because they’re feeling playful! If they sleep on the bed with you, they take up a lot of space, leaving you feeling hot and irritable. If you suffer from insomnia, it’s best your pets retire to their own beds at night time to avoid distractions.
  4. YOUR SEX LIFE – having your pets in the room overnight isn’t exactly sexy. When you’re getting down to business, it’s definitely time to banish your pets to their own bed! Although some owners may not mind, for others, it’d be super distracting to have a pair of furry eyes staring at you.
  5. THEY MAKE MESS – whether it’s muddy paws, stinky breath or the dreaded fleas, pets aren’t always the most socially acceptable sleep-buddies. If they’re in their own bed, it can easily and cheaply be washed or replaced, which is more than can be said of your brand-new bed sheets.

Lead the Dogs is a mobile London-based dog training service, backed by Jessica Baker, Dog Behaviourist. Jessica has plenty of experience in training rogue dogs, tackling behaviour issues like aggression, poor temperament, and anxiety, as well as assisting owners to regain their pets trust.

Jessica uses only the safest and most effective training methods to rectify any issues, offering her expert advice each and every step of the way.


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